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Individual Sessions

There are many different therapies available and it is important to research what might be the best for your needs. I will be able to provide weekly sessions in which we meet at the same time each week at a convenient time to suit you. Art Therapy is often longer term and aims to address the root of the issues you are having. Art Therapy aims to improve a persons psychological and emotional well-being. Session can be provided online or in person.


During the training we are required to be able to understand the impact of early childhood on psychological development and well-being, as well as considering unconscious processes.The creative process may help to resolve issues as well as develop strategies to cope with behaviors linked to Stress, Depression, Anxiety, OCD and Anger. I am able to provide a therapeutic intervention which is safe and confidential and may increase coping skills and personal development. It will allow a deeper understanding into yourself.

I have a range of clinical experience and I am prepared to offer you emotional support whilst exploring previous experiences of illness, trauma or challenges in living. In many cases art therapy could be a creative outlet and have lasting impact on your psychological well being.



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