Art Therapy and Children 

Children often struggle to verbalise painful or traumatic experiences but art making non-verbal intervention.  Art psychotherapy is not a 'arts and crafts' activity and does not necessarily have set goals or outcomes. Play and art making take on a different purpose in the therapy space and activities during the session are meaningful and enable a child to process uncomfortable feelings at a pace they feel comfortable. Research suggests there are many Adverse Child Experiences (ACE) which may cause long-term trauma if not addressed in early childhood. A child can be affected by life changes such as divorce, bereavement or bullying. Art psychotherapy makes connections with non-verbal communication as well as body language and behaviors. Art Psychotherapy provides a means of processing these challenging events and building up resilience and strength to approach life with more confidence and self awareness. I am able to work with young people aged 3-16 and have an up to date DBS check.


Art therapy with Adolescents

Art psychotherapy is a beneficial intervention for adolescents experiencing emotional difficulties. This therapeutic approach appeals to many adolescents are able to externalize their inner world in a safe and facilitating environment. Art Psychotherapy engages young people in art making to explore difficulties that are experienced in every day life. Art Therapy may help teenagers develop important social skills and coping mechanisms which can reduce stress and feelings of isolation. Art Therapy can aid in building important social skills and life long learning which help adolescents and their families. 



Special Educational Needs in children and adolescents can be a very challenging experience for families. Art psychotherapy may offer an artistic sensory based intervention to promote communication, self-awareness attunement and joint attention. The therapeutic relationship can offer a new understanding of behaviours whilst providing consistent and creative support for the client and emotional support for children and families. 


I am fully insured to work with children, adults and families.  I have a full Enhanced Police Check (DBS) as well as registration with HCPC. For more information please feel free to discuss with me at any time.