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What is Art Psychotherapy?
Art Psychotherapy is a creative therapy, in which the therapeutic triangle of therapist client art work interplay to facilitate self-expression and communication.

Art Psychotherapy or Art Therapy has developed from the traditional psychotherapy model of 'talking therapy'. The creative process can be a catalyst for self expression and art making compliments verbal therapy. The art making focuses on the integration and cohesion of the self with emphasis on the created image. Often talking can be very daunting for a number of reasons. Art making offers a non-verbal exploration of psychological process's and can provide potential for healing and change. Art therapy is a protected title and all Art Psychotherapists undergoing training at a Masters Level and are accredited by the HCPC. For comprehensive information The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) have a broad range of information.

Personal Approach


I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist, registered with HCPC. It is important to find the right therapist for you. I will always answer your questions honestly and help you in deciding if Art Psychotherapy is right for you.  In a session I am looking for connection, not perfection. You do not need to be 'good' at art and all art making is judgement free. It is also common to have sessions where you just talk or just make art.


I respond to your challenges intuitively and resourcefully. My approach is based on traditional Psychodynamic theory and Jungian Analytic theory. I hope to connect in a professional therapeutic relationship in which we discuss emotional/psychological blocks with a sense of curiosity and use art a tool to provide insight into  issues which have brought you to therapy. Whilst I draw upon different theory I also encourage a flexibility in meeting a clients needs. Each therapy session is unique and underpinning my approach is a commitment to therapeutic change within the Art Psychotherapy triangle of Art, Client Therapist. I am able to work with adults, children and have specialist experience of working with people with complex learning difficulties. 




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Professional Experience

I qualified as an Art Psychotherapist from Roehampton University London. During the training we are required to be able to understand the impact of early childhood on psychological development and well-being, as well as considering unconscious processes. I have provided colleague training alongside facilitating group and individual art psychotherapy sessions with children, young people and adults from a variety of backgrounds. I am enthusiastic and passionate about the relationship between arts and emotional well-being.  I have been trained to take an evidence based approach and maintain excellent safeguarding practice. My professional experience has complimented my skills, theoretical training and life experiences so far to provide safe and effective therapeutic interventions.


BA Fine Art  - University of Aberystwyth, Wales

MA Art Psychotherapy - Roehampton University, London